Worship Service 5 April 2020

Today, we encounter the paradox that defines our faith: Jesus Christ is glorified king and humiliated servant. We too are full of paradox: like Peter, we fervently desire to follow Christ, but find ourselves afraid, denying God. We wave palms in celebration today as Christ comes into our midst, and we follow with trepidation as his path leads to death on the cross. Amid it all we are invited into this paradoxical promise of life through Christ’s broken body and outpoured love in a meal of bread and wine. We begin this week that stands at the center of the church year, anticipating the completion of God’s astounding work.

00:00 – Invitation and Anthem – Hosanna to the Son of David
02:09 – Processional Gospel – Matthew 21:1-11
03:49 – Blessing of the Palms
04:43 – The Palm Procession – All Glory, Laud and Honor
09:21 – First Reading – Isaiah 50:4-9a
10:40 – Psalmody – Psalm 31:1-5, 9-16
15:13 – Second Reading – Philippians 2:5-11
16:24 – Gradual – Jesus, I Will Ponder Now
17:28 – Passion Gospel – Matthew 26:1-27:66
44:22 – Creed
45:26 – Prayers of Intercession
50:07 – The Lord’s Prayer, Announcements, and Blessing
52:16 – Closing Meditation – Herzlich thut mich verlangen

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K.J. MonahanWorship Service 5 April 2020