Ministries We Support

Because God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son for us, we at Bethel are inspired to share that love by supporting ministries and ministering (that is, serving others)  near and far:

  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the national Church body through which we support educational and missionary activities worldwide
  • LuMin St. Louis is an ecumenical campus & young adult ministry of the ELCA and Grace UMC. Bethel Lutheran is in covenant with LuMin St. Louis, providing the ministry house as well as partnering with other events and activities.
  • Bethel is an open and welcoming congregation and a participant in the ReconcilingWorks Reconciling in Christ program.
  • The ELCA Intern/Vicar program, as a training site for seminary students to broaden their horizons and apply their studies and experience in a real world setting.  The blessings of this program are definitely a two-way street.
  • Lutheran Family and Children’s Services, which we support both financially and through Bethel House
  • Magdalene St. Louis, a community forming to empower women to live free from abuse, addiction, and prostitution
  • The Lutheran High Schools of greater St. Louis (Lutheran HS North and Lutheran HS South), which Bethel supports both financially and by sending our children there
  • Valparaiso University, an excellent liberal arts and professional university in northwestern Indiana
  • Lutheran World Relief
  • Lutheran Senior Services
  • Lutheran Special Education
  • Crossings, a ministry of theological education for lay people, co-founded by Bethel member Rev. Dr. Ed Schroeder and currently co-led by Bethel member Sherman Lee
  • The Master Builder Center, an orphanage in Ethiopia
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