Sermon 2 February 2020

The Gospel presentation and Pastor Bill Yancey’s sermon on February 2, 2020 are based in part on Luke 2:22-40. Caitlin Kuhlmann read the Gospel presentation.

This story is a study in contrasts: the infant Jesus with the aged prophets; the joy of birth with the ominous words of Simeon to Mary; the faithful fulfilling of the law with the presentation of the one who will release its hold over us. Through it all, we see the light of God’s salvation revealed to the world.

00:00 – Gospel Presentation – A Light to the Nations in the Substance of Our Mortal Flesh
02:58 – Introduction and Children’s Message
09:47 – Sermon
17:30 – Hymn of the Day – In His Temple Now Behold Him

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K.J. MonahanSermon 2 February 2020