Adult Forum December 2019

December 8
“Grace, Faith and Your Personality”
Dr. Richard Johnson, Clinical Psychologist and Founder of both the Spiritual Strengths Institute and Lifelong Adult Ministry.  Dr. Johnson has written over 40 books and numerous articles all focusing on God’s expansive Grace.  He is nationally recognized for his pioneering work in Healing and Medical Behavioral Sciences and has led workshops and institutes around the country. We are thrilled to have Richard and spouse Sandra as a part of the Bethel community.

Our personality is constantly at work, yet we are generally quite unaware of its operation, or even its function.  Even more elusive is how God’s grace and our personal faith formation intersects with our personality.  We’ll explore these concepts together in this short presentation and discussion.

December 15
“The Right of Conscientious Objection When Providing Health Care”
Kevin Powell, Bethel Member, MD, PhD, FAAP, is a pediatric hospitalist and clinical ethics consultant who last summer co-edited a journal issue on the role of conscience in medicine.

Dr. Powell will address conscientious objection among health care providers in controversial procedures such as abortion, physician assisted suicide, and euthanasia. He will review the current status of laws and rulings and lead a discussion on whether physicians must provide whatever legally-allowed care a consumer/patient desires (a 2019 Ontario ruling) or if the US emphasis on religious liberty requires a system in which minority viewpoints are accommodated. Coexistence will require a fair system for adjudicating complaints of discrimination against women and the LGBT community. 

December 22
“Singing Advent & Christmas Carols”
Members of the Bethel Community

The Fourth Sunday in Advent, December 22, is not quite Christmas, yet the Gospel Reading for the Day is Matthew 1:18-25, the Evangelist’s unique and extremely brief Birth Narrative that follows the Angel’s message to Joseph in a dream.  Indeed, one suggested Sending Hymn for Advent 4 is ELW #267, “Joy to the World”—placed in the Advent section of our Hymnal!  Join other Bethel members and guests for this very special opportunity to sing favorite and even new Advent and Christmas Carols that highlight this holy season.

Evelyn MeyerAdult Forum December 2019