Transition: Pastor Yancey’s Role

It is important for us to understand that as of June 1, 2021, Pastor Yancey is no longer our pastor, but he will pray for our continued and future mission and ministry, and for a strong and fruitful partnership with our future pastoral leader. Therefore Pastor Yancey cannot:

  • Come back to perform weddings, funerals, or baptisms;
  • Visit the sick and the homebound;
  • Continue in any counseling relationship with a parishioner;
  • Be involved in any way in the call process (helping with the profile, recommending candidates, commenting on a particular candidate);
  • Support or give advice to anyone involved in a congregational disagreement;
  • Return to lead worship services (unless down the road he is invited back as a “former pastor” to participate in a special event, such as a church anniversary).
Nathan SchroederTransition: Pastor Yancey’s Role