Possible Action on Behalf of Migrant Children

Become a witness yourself. Let the children know they are not alone and help spread the word about child prisons.

Follow the movement at Facebook Page: Witness: Tornillo. Target: Homestead

Become a trained volunteer to accompany Missouri immigrants to their asylum hearings.  Training is provided by the Interfaith Committee on Latin America Register; to learn about the next training, go to at stl-ifcla.org.

Call Lyda Krewson, Mayor, and Lou Reed, President of the Board of Aldermen to demand that St Louis immediately end the St Louis Police Department memorandum of understanding with ICE.  Demand that the police department refuse any more ICE funding.

Call Congressman Clay and ask him to co-sponsor H.R. 1069-Shut Down Child Prison Camps Act

Call your Missouri Legislators to protect in-state tuition for Dreamers in HB 3.  Call congress to pass H.R. 6 The Dream and DACA Promise Act

Go to Missouri Immigrant & Refugee Advocates mira-mo.org and to Facebook Pages for Cosecha Missouri and Movimiento Cosecha to learn how to become involved with their group.

Go to nomoredeaths.org to learn about the humanitarian work of No More Deaths-No Mas Muertes. . 


Organizations Eager to Receive your Donation in Support of Migrant Children

The Witness HomesteadWitness Fund, Inc. PO Box 2324 Nortbrook, Ill 60065  /  www.fofundme.com/f/supportwitnesshomestead 

To aid in covering Homestead witnesses’ travel and housing expenses


The ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center

To support their very important lawsuits which are countering often illegal migrant and refugee policies


The Miles for Migrants organization /  Miles4migrants.org

To donate frequent flyer miles to be used by migrants to reach their families once ICE releases them  


 The Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee /  fianzafund.org

To provide legal assistance to reunite families


The Missouri Migrant and Immigrant Community Action Project / mica-project.org,

To provide migrants with rights education and free legal services


The Annunciation House / annunciationhouse.org

To provide housing for migrant, homeless, and economically vulnerable peoples at the border

Sarah BrooksPossible Action on Behalf of Migrant Children