Adult Forum March & April 2019

March 10
“Living Lent: The Way of Jesus”

Pastor John Lottes

We will engage in a study of Lenten readings from the Gospel of St. Luke both to enhance our Lenten observance and to discover practical applications for our lives.

March 17 (rescheduled from February 10)
“Resilience: The Queen of Virtues”
Dr. Richard Johnson
Resilience is a process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, or loss — a  “bouncing back” from difficult experiences. Join a discussion about resilience led by Dr. Johnson, a friend of Bethel who specializes in issues related to adult spiritual development.
March 24
“Legacy and Financial Decisions”
Stephen Phelps, Bethel Member
Stephen will describe his role as ELCA Regional Gift Planner for the Central States Synod and will lead a discussion on legacy planning and making personal financial decisions.
March 31 & April 14
“Children’s Character and Moral Development”

Dr. Marvin Berkowitz, UMSL

The speaker will address aspects of promoting positive character development in children toward becoming healthy adults who are effective moral agents and contributors to their societies. For more information about Dr. Berkowitz, including his publications, professional activities, and awards, see
Evelyn MeyerAdult Forum March & April 2019