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March 1 Center Celebration

“All Creatures Great and Small.” That is the theme and title of this Sunday’s Center Celebration. This Center Service will continue to reflect upon the Genesis rainbow story of promise to “every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.” There is a broad sense of belonging which is here attributed to our Creator. God does not want any level of creature destroyed. Habitats, environments, mixes of species fit together — belong to one another — for life. Our service will underscore this sense of “belonging” to one another and to the earth and all its creatures great and small.

To help us think and speak about this theme, we will set out dozens of small animals models for all the children. We also ask the children to bring a favorite stuffed or plastic animal from home —no live pets this time, please.

How do we fit together in God’s creation? How do we belong to each other and to the various creatures on earth? (We’ll save what might be on other planets for another time.)

We will gather downstairs in the fellowship hall. The children will begin our time together by picking three animals to name in prayer. Sherman Lee and his band will lead in music. We will sit much as we did last Center Celebration with the communion table in the middle. Refreshments for all afterwards.


Pastor Bill Yancey (February 25, 2015)

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