Bethel Sign Proposal

In preparation for the upcoming Congregation Meeting (a.k.a. “Voters Meeting”)

  • The Congregation Council recently voted strongly in favor of the following motion
    Based on reports from a Council Ad-Hoc Sign Committee and on Council discussions, Allen Mueller moves that Bethel Congregation be asked to approve the raising of funds for replacing the current sign on the corner of our property with an electronic sign at a maximum cost of $40,000 funded by an existing gift of $10,455 and by pledges from the Congregation, which would be matched by the Bethel Foundation at $1 for every $2 raised by the Congregation.  
  • Funding – seeking $40,000 total
    • Based on the following, the total amount raised so far is $23,850:
      • $10,455 – the original donation
      •  $ 8,750 – Congregation Council member pledges
      •  $ 4,375 – Bethel Foundation match (of $1 for every $2 pledged)
    • Based on the Bethel Foundation match, approximately another $11,000 needs to be raised by the Congregation to reach the total goal of $40,000.

Chronology of the Sign Discussion

  • At the November Congregation Meeting (“Voters Meeting”), it was announced that an individual donated a significant amount towards a new Bethel sign.
  • The Council announced it would host two open meetings (and more, if warranted) after the holidays. If there was enough interest, a proposal for a new sign would be targeted for springtime Congregation Meeting, instead of calling a special one-off Congregation Meeting
  • The two meetings were held on 2/19 and 3/19, and based on the feedback from those meetings, there was no need to schedule additional meetings.

Some of the Pros and Cons Expressed at the Meetings

  • This is a highly trafficked intersection, and a new sign would be an improved, effective way of expressing who Bethel is
  • The new sign would be another communications tool to complement the worship folder, Bethel Connection, website, Facebook, etc.
  • The proposed stone foundation and electronic sign would cost about $37,000.  For comparison, a new non-electronic sign would be about $26,000
  • An electronic sign can convey more information, more easily.
    • One example is that the Cardinals Pancake Breakfast could highlight that Tom Ackerman is the guest speaker, and to whom the funds are designated
    • Another example would be to direct overflow parking to Our Lady of Lourdes, as we did for the funeral of Ted Meiners
  • There is concern that an electronic sign will not mesh with Bethel’s current architecture and the neighborhood aesthetics
  • There is concern that $30,000 to $40,000 is too much cost for a new sign



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