Adult Forum

Adult education at Bethel features a one-hour Sunday morning Adult Forum, a welcoming, inclusive gathering of people who want to learn about and discuss a wide range of topics.  Among our interests are Christian life and faith, including personal life and faith journeys and spiritual growth; contemporary social and ethical issues; Christian history and tradition; understanding the Bible; and non-Christian religions. Session leaders come from a variety of backgrounds and include members of Bethel and visiting scholars and experts.  Those attending and leading the Adult Forum at Bethel engage with one another through open, respectful, questioning conversation.

The Bethel community has a commitment to excellence in Christian education. Over the years, the Adult Forum has also provided the venue for examining our congregational worship life, critiquing and supporting many of Bethel’s areas of mission—care for creation, non-violence, and inter-faith dialogue—and for growing together in spirit, community, and faith.

Adult Education takes place in the Fellowship Hall from 8:45 – 9:45am on Sundays.

We welcome you to attend any or all of the Adult Forum sessions. You can move in and out of the discussions, depending on your interests.  Perhaps you would like to know more about a topic you have never explored, or maybe you are drawn to a conversation for which you have already formulated your own questions and thoughts.  Please come to listen, learn, and converse.  For information about upcoming Adult Forum sessions, please see below.

Adult Forum in September 2018
September 9
“Welcome! Embodying God’s Hospitality”
Pr. John Lottes

Bethel member Pr. John Lottes will lead us in exploring these questions: What does it mean to be a community of faith that is welcoming, hospitable, and inviting?  How can classical biblical stories and the ministry of Jesus inform us about what we are called to do? What special–and even new–opportunities does Bethel have to be welcoming, hospitable, and inviting?

September 16
“After My Stroke:  Faith, Hope, and Love”
Guest Speaker:  John Kindschuh

On September 10, 2013, John had a near-fatal cerebellar stroke at the age of 35.  He will share what he thought about in the ICU and how his stroke affected his faith and his family.  He will talk about his many hours of therapy and the extensive community support he received, all of which he considers to be part of his “miraculous” recovery.

September 23
“Bethel Youth Report on Summer Gathering in Houston”
Claire Flesch and the Bethel Youth Group

September 30
“Faith and Life: The Road Less Traveled”
Jessica White

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