Adult Forum October 2017


October 8 – “Music and Church Renewal: a Conversation with Dr. Stephen Mager” – You are invited to submit questions or discussion topics to Valerie Yancey in person or by sending an e-mail to


October 15 – “Renewing the Church: Facing the Crisis of Identity” – Dr. Michael Hoy and Pr. Yancey will propose that just as Luther struggled with doubt and fear, so we also contend with doubts and fears about meaning and identity. They will show that the message of the Gospel can  inspire us and set us free in the midst of this crisis and will invite responses and discussion.

October 22 –“Reforming Questions, Radical Hearts”  Pr. Rebecca Boardman, Lutheran Campus Ministry, will lead a discussion on how young adults create community, experience faith, and seek meaning beyond Church.


October 29 – “Other Reformations” – Dr. Adam Ployd, Eden Theological Seminary, will examine the wide range of reform movements in the Church and how they shaped our current Western Christian world.



Mary WorksAdult Forum October 2017