Adult Forum January 2018


January 14 – “Early Childhood Trauma”

Drawing on both his training as a psychologist and his experience working in mental health centers, with prisoners, on military bases and with the Children’s Home Society in Creve Coeur, Bethel member Martin Miller will talk about the biological consequences of trauma in the development of a child’s brain and the long-term results on behavior and relationships, even as adults. He will describe principles to follow in helping these individuals and their families and will entertain questions and discussion.


January 21 – “The Nature of Evil”

Bethel member Barry HongProfessor of Psychiatry and Vice-Chairman for Clinical Affairs at Washington University School of Medicine, will facilitate a discussion about the nature of evil including views from scripture, biology, psychology and theology.  He will challenge us to think about the question of whether there are some people who are evil or whether all people are capable of great evil.

January 28 – “Workers’ Rights”

Episcopal priest Teresa Danieley, who focuses on the intersection of faith and workers’ rights, will describe the efforts of Missouri Jobs with Justice, a coalition of community, labor, student and religious groups, and individuals across the state working for economic justice in areas such as adequate wages, safe workplaces, and fair treatment of employees.
Evelyn MeyerAdult Forum January 2018